Friday, June 8, 2018

The Feret story

I remembered the day I saw a big ferret in our backyard. We lived near a big woods, but still – ferrets are nocturnal usually, and this one was sniffing through the yard, right in the middle of the lawn. It didn’t look quite right, and I thought maybe it was sick – perhaps with rabies!? I panicked.
My twins were about 8, and my daughter just toddling, so I grabbed the kids, (they were playing outside) shut the door, checked the windows, and called my husband to come quick and look.
He did, and said “It’s a ferret.”

“But it might have rabies. Look, it’s heading to the house. It’s on the gravel driveway now! Ohmygod – get your gun!” I can be persuasive when I want.

My husband sprinted for the gun and went outside (slowly) stalked around the corner of the house and came face to face with the ferret. He aimed the gun at the creature, who immediately waddled over to him and sat up, begging, at his feet.

My husband said he never felt so silly standing there aiming at a critter who walked right up to him and sat up. Practically stuck its nose up the gun barrel.

He put the gun down, and the ferret scrambled up his leg and cuddled under his chin. It was a pet ferret someone had lost.

My sons were estatic – and got to keep it for the three days we searched for the owner. Happy Ending – (or ‘Appy Hending, as my husband would say) the owner came and got his ferret and told the boys they could come visit whenever they wanted.

Ferret went home.

Things went back to normal.

The next week, our Lab came in with a baby rabbit in her mouth.
Another pet.

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