Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Branded! Or not.

I was over at the fashion pages the other day - scrolling through the Instagram sites for glam people - it was fun - and I saw some shoes and dresses that were just lovely - but (there is always a but with me...) I kept wondering, "What do these people do besides get pretty?"

I love hairdos and makeup as much as the next girl. I adore nice clothes. My favorite shop is the thrift, where I find cool things to take apart and put together to my taste. I like to get my hair done - I go maybe twice a year to the salon. These glam people seem to live in a salon.

But (and there is that but again....) Do these folk read? (I mean, besides fashion and people mags?)
Do they go to the dentist? Do they hike? Do they geek on computer games? Do they cook? Clean? Play scrabble? I mean, what else does their life consist of? If you look at their blogs and pages, it consists of getting dressed, buying clothes, putting on makeup, doing their hair, and taking selfies. But they have a 'BRAND" and they are followed because they have been branded. They don't stray from their brand. There are the cooks, with their fabulous food, the decorators with their amazing houses and the gardeners with their gardens. The fashion clique with their clothes and hair, and the voyagers with their trips to fantasic places. And I love all that - and I love to visit their sites and live a little vicariously throuugh them.

So I was wondering, I think I would be branded an author, with a review site for books. With a dash of travel, some dog and horse tales, a little fashion, and a balcony garden that is starting to look like a jungle. And I'm not above snapping a photo of my meal if I managed to make something edible... :-)

Just brand me a Rennaissance Woman - I'll be more than happy with that!
Thrift shop fashion : silk blouse, cotton sweater, glass and bronze beaded necklace.. Hair - Jenn - Makeup - none. 

Ans don't forget Storms Over Babylon, book IV in the Alexander series, is coming out tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's a handy link to most places you can get it from:

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