Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Cold Snap!

Woke up today and everything is white. Five inches of snow, frost and ice everywhere, and our village is like a skating rink. I'll have to wait until it thaws a bit before leaving the house with the car (our village is perched on a big hill!)

My husband left this morning to go to Moscow - called me and said, "Don't take the big hill leading to the chicken farm...I almost skidded right into the chicken coops!" The farmer would have loved that. He (my husband, not the farmer) is heading to Moscow for a polo tournament - he's the referee- and it's on ice! An outdoor match on ice and snow - Brrr!!! Sebi has asked him to bring him back an army jacket. Alex wants a funny Russian hat. Julia wants a set of stacking dolls. (Angel ate her last set of Russian dolls...) And I would love some caviar... It's so good with boiled potatoes and cream. Yum.

Finished my project for Bercy Jumping, and sent it to the printers yesterday. (500 copies!) So that's finished. Now I'm waiting for France Gallop to call me back about their project - and I hope they contact me soon. I told them I could do 12 drawings in 2 weeks, plus an animated drawing for the bottom of their leaflet. (you flip the pages and it moves - very cute idea!) So, depending on whether they call or not, I will be either very busy the first two weeks of March - or looking for another job. (I just got word they want me for the job - yay! This will be a busy month now!)

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